Landscapes of the Soul

Sara Novenson’s pastel landscape paintings of New Mexico, and Israel are landscapes of the soul. Revealing the inner and outer worlds of spirit with imagery and Hebrew psalms and blessings, they are drenched with color and rhythms based on the natural world. Most of the paintings are pastels done plein air (outdoors from life) retaining the freshness and immediacy of the light and moment. To Sara, working from life infuses the paintings with the sound of the wind, the song of the birds, the aroma of the sage, and the light dancing upon the earth. It is a totally sensual experience that transcends the visual and beyond…

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  • Evenings Flight

  • Chama’s Autumn Dance

  • Chama’s Autumn Dance, Psalm

  • The Dance of Spring, Chama River

  • Autumn River’s Heart

  • Blessing of the Cranes, Israel, Hula Wildlife Park

  • Let the Heavens Sing

  • Heart of the Sun

  • Homecoming Of The Spirit

  • Flying Between Two Worlds

  • Message of the Heart

  • Moon’s Presence, The Western Wall