Landscape Art Prayers

One particular evening after painting in nature all day long, I went to synagogue to pray: At the synagogue when the psalms were being sung I realized that these psalms, in praising the inexplicable beauty of our earth, express literally how I feel when I paint. It came to me like an illumination—the exquisite Hebrew psalms bordering the landscapes. I immediately began my Sabbath Prayer series.
  • Dance of Spring, Chama River Psalm

  • Blessing of the Sun, Violet

  • Blessing of the Sun, Orange

  • Prayer for the Sea, Violet

  • The Spirits Soar Masada’s Door

  • Let the Heavens Sing

  • Homecoming Of The Spirit

  • Message of the Heart

  • Psalm of the Moon

  • Joyful Grace

  • Flying Between Two Worlds

  • Chama’s Autumn Dance, Psalm