Reviews of “Illuminated Visions, Women of the Bible”

Sara’s art is light made visible. As viewers of her paintings, we see not only the power and beauty of these women from the Bible, but feel their blessings and wisdom reaching out across time to guide and support us today. It is like meeting our own very precious ancestors, once long-lost, now found.

Nancy London, MSW
Co-Author: Our Bodies, Ourselves
Author: Hot Flashes, Warm Bottles: First-Time Mothers Over Forty

Through her graceful paintings and touching stories, Sara Novenson puts us in touch with the eternal feminine sources of wisdom and courage. Her models are women of the Bible but through them, she speaks to women of all ages and cultures.

Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey
Author: Woman of Independent Means
Published by Viking in 1978 inspired the television mini-series starring Sally Field

Sara Novenson’s art is luminous, mysterious, and compelling. The women of the Bible come alive in her magnificent portraits and speak directly to the soul in a most powerful way. This is a book to cherish through every season of your life.

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.
Author: Woman’s Journey to God, and Your Soul’s Compass

Collector Fran Drescher with “Esther” in her home in New York

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