One seemingly insignificant act of kindness catapulted the beautiful Rebecca onto her destined path, to become the second great Matriarch of the Jewish people. Rebecca gave water to a weary, thirsty stranger and his animals, generously offering him shelter for the night. Unbeknownst to Rebecca, this man was the trusted servant of the great Patriarch Abraham, sent to find a wife for Isaac, the only son of Abraham and Sarah…. The complete story is included in the purchase of a limited edition.

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The paper sizes are listed. The sizes are approx sizes to fit the closest standard frames with mats. Images are approx 3 to 7 inches smaller than the paper size. Please contact me for the exact size of a particular piece.

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Hand-painted Giclee 8" x 10", Hand-painted Giclee 11" x 14", Hand-painted Giclee 22" x 26"


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