Rachael was the personification of exquisite beauty. Jacob, the son of Rebecca and Isaac, asked Leban, her father, for her hand in marriage. Rachael’s father agreed, but required that first Jacob would labor for seven years in his fields without pay. Jacob agreed. At the altar, Jacob was tricked into marriage with Leah, the older sister of Rachael. Jacob then toiled another seven years to marry his great love Rachael…. Complete story included with purchase of limited edition or box set

Limited Edition Prints

The paper sizes are listed. The sizes are approx sizes to fit closest standard frames with matts. Images are approx 3 to 7 inches smaller than the paper size. Please contact me for the exact size on a particular piece.

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Hand-painted Giclee 11" x 14", Hand-painted Giclee 22" x 26", Hand-painted Giclee 8" x 10"


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