Queen Esther

Queen Esther


I portray Queen Esther immediately before her historically crucial meeting with King Achasuerus. Esther is feminine and beautiful, yet strong and fierce. The six Jewish prophetesses who came before her surround her. They are bolstering Esther with their great power and spirit. Esther needs immense strength before going to King Achasuerus to reveal the plan of his right hand man Hamen, the plan to do away with all the Jews of Persia, the plan that was revealed to Esther by her Uncle Mordechai outside the palace walls. The fact that Esther is a Jew was hidden from the King. She would tell the King the truth, and plead for the lives of her people as well as her own…. Complete story included with purchase of limited edition or box set

Limited Edition Prints

The paper sizes are listed. The sizes are approx sizes to fit closest standard frames with matts. Images are approx 3 to 7 inches smaller than the paper size. Please contact me for the exact size on a particular piece.

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Hand-painted Giclee 11" x 14", Hand-painted Giclee 22" x 26", Hand-painted Giclee 8" x 10"


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