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Sacred Women: Source of Light is an innovative “Guidance Card Trio” created, written, and illustrated by Sara Novenson. Drawing upon her lifelong career as a professional artist, creative thinker, and inspirational speaker, Sara has devised a unique way of deciphering the Guidance Cards.
The 52 Cards are printed on a high quality paper with a beautiful gloss lamination achieving brilliance of color. They are nestled within the Source of Light Compass Sleeve with its unique dual purpose serving as a tool to draw the cards, creating a very powerful reading. The full color 156 page Guidebook is printed on a heavy stock paper with a special lay-flat binding for ease of use and includes luminous metallic gold endpapers. The Guidance Card Trio is entirely printed, produced and packaged in the U.S.A. There are twelve Sacred Women in the set. For ages, their stories have been hidden in plain sight. These women harnessed the eternal feminine archetypes in goddess-like proportion overcoming great adversity while gracing our physical world with their light.
As you meditate with this set, the energetic imprints of the Sacred Women come alive with their light awakening the spiritual insight carried within your soul.

This “Guidance Trio” contains three equally unique and important components:

The Guidebook can stand alone as an immediate source of guidance. Additionally there are pages specifically designed for you to create a personal “message system” from each of the women.

The readings are energized with light and grounded with direction as you pull your cards from the Source of Light Compass.

The Guidance Cards carry a compelling portrait and message from each of the Sacred Women. In addition, there is a blank card you can personalize using images and words representing your own sacred spirit guides.

Take a peek inside at a Guidance Card and the message of her corresponding Guidebook page ->

Awake! Awake! Call the voices of the Sacred Women echoing throughout the ages! Awaken now to the innate light of the feminine divine dwelling within every fiber of your being!
Hear the voices of our mothers, our grandmothers and our foremothers calling though the centuries. They have birthed us through the ages with their fortitude, courage and wisdom, planting us in the here and now of our body and soul, embracing us with their vitality.

With these cards and guidebook, you will follow the illuminated path the Sacred Women have left in their wake. You will hear their guidance awakening your soul. They are here for us. What better way to honor them but to live our lives as a blessing of light and a prayer of love.

 – Excerpt from Sacred Women Source of Light – the Guidebook.

The Guidance Deck is focused totally on the spiritual essence and archetypes of these powerful women.

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