In the Torah it is written that Adam and Eve had skin of light. The Kabala states that Adam and Eve existed in the spiritual dimension where all was oneness and where they were both “bodies of light’. Before Eve partook of the Tree of Knowledge, she existed with Adam in a perfectly beautiful place filled with spirit that was the Garden of Eden. Eve’s first forbidden bite of the apple of the tree of knowledge was all it took to thrust Adam and Eve out of the realm of spirit, into a physical body, into duality, into our world where pain and suffering and mortality exists. prayed from her heart…The complete story is included in the purchase of a limited edition.

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The paper sizes are listed. The sizes are approx sizes to fit the closest standard frames with mats. Images are approx 3 to 7 inches smaller than the paper size. Please contact me for the exact size of a particular piece.

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Hand-painted Giclee 8" x 10", Hand-painted Giclee 11" x 14", Hand-painted Giclee 22" x 26"


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