Great Women of the Bible

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In this body of work Novenson draws from the Kaballah, Torah and Midrash to celebrate the divine presence, the strength and great prophetic powers of the matriarchs and prophetesses of the Bible. Stories are woven into the images and words. They are in a way, “contemporary illuminations.” According to Rabbi Camras (of Shomrei Torah Synagogue, West Hills CA). “ Sara is actually creating a visual Midrash (commentaries on stories of the Torah.) Sara brings to us a view and understanding of the Matriarchs by creating a contemporary vision of the women of the Bible, a vision that women (and men) of today are able to draw from and connect to.”

Sara Novenson is available as a speaker regarding her book, Great Women of the Bible and for her fascinating story telling on this and other subjects of Judaic Art. She has been applauded as a guest speaker at workshops and spiritual gatherings for members of all faiths.