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Events with Sara M. Novenson, Contemporary Artist

Santa Fe Open Studio Tour Workshop live on Wednesday Oct 25

santa fe open studio tour workshop live on wednesday oct 25In this two-hour workshop, you will awaken the power of your divine feminine essence that you carry within your soul. Find your inner guidance by tapping into the enlightening wisdom of the Sacred Women of the Bible. Learn more…

Speaking Engagements and Presentations
Novenson is in great demand as a speaker and lecturer on the subject of her Women of the Bible series and Jewish folk art. Since 1992 she has lectured and taught in synagogues, churches, museums, and organizations (including Haddasah) throughout the US and Europe.

In 1994 she was a recipient of a grant from The Levinson Foundation to revive the tradition of Jewish Folk Art through teaching workshops nationwide. During her two solo shows in Switzerland, she lectured at the University of Basel, as well as presented to several women’s groups in Germany during her solo show at the Grand opening of the Nettersheim Cultural Center near Cologne

The Presentation/Book-signing
A slide show of the paintings of my Women of the Bible series is presented as I tell many of the stories. Along with my own research of the Women, I studied for 18 years with a woman who is a very esteemed Torah and Kabbalah scholar. The stories are beautiful, powerful and some quite unknown. Each of the women is a powerful archetype and teacher for all contemporary women. Defying the boundaries of time the Women of the Bible reach out to guide and strengthen us in our “modern” lives.

Part of my talk is dedicated to the stories of the actual painting of “The Women”. They are amazing and magical stories in themselves. A book entitled “Illuminated Visions, Women of the Bible”, which I have illustrated and written with a Foreword by Dr. Joan Borysenko is at the heart of the presentation. I read several short stories from it during my talk.

I also speak of my personal journey as a Jewish woman and artist. How and why I began the body of Jewish work, how my spirituality has affected my art and my life and how it has all amazingly “come full circle.”

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