The Inspiration Behind Sara Novenson’s Art

The Inspiration Behind Sara Novenson's Art

Inspiration is the fuel that drives Sara Novenson’s art. From the spiritual to the natural, Sara draws from various sources to create her stunning pieces. This blog post will explore the inspiration behind Sara’s art and how it shapes her work.

Sources of Inspiration

Sara’s art is deeply rooted in her spirituality and love for nature. Her Women of the Bible series, for instance, is inspired by the strong and influential women in biblical stories. Meanwhile, her pastel landscapes are a tribute to the beauty and majesty of nature. These sources of inspiration are not just subjects for her art; they are also a part of her life, influencing her worldview and her approach to her craft.

How Inspiration Shapes Sara’s Art

Inspiration is not just the starting point of Sara’s art; it’s also what guides her throughout the creative process. It influences everything from the themes and subjects of her work to the colors and techniques she uses. It’s a guiding force that shapes her art, giving each piece a unique character and depth.

The Impact of Sara’s Art

Sara’s art is more than just a visual experience; it’s also an emotional and intellectual journey. It invites viewers to explore their own spirituality, to appreciate the beauty of nature, and to reflect on the stories and themes presented. Each piece is a conversation, an invitation to engage with the art and the ideas it represents.


Sara Novenson’s art is a reflection of her inspirations. Each piece tells a story, not just of the subject it depicts, but also of the inspiration behind it. Visit Sara Novenson’s gallery to see how inspiration comes to life in her art.


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