A Journey Through Sara Novenson’s Santa Fe Gallery

A Journey Through Sara Novenson's Santa Fe Gallery

Nestled in a historic adobe building in downtown Santa Fe lies a treasure trove of spiritual and artistic expression: Sara Novenson’s gallery. This sacred space, ancient and rich with history, perfectly complements Novenson’s body of work, inviting visitors into a world where art and spirituality intertwine.

The gallery, situated near Santa Fe’s historic sites, offers a spacious and welcoming atmosphere. It is here that Novenson’s “Landscapes of the Soul” and “Sacred Women of the Bible” series come to life, each piece perfectly placed to invite contemplation and appreciation. With convenient parking and a location just a few blocks from the historic Plaza, a visit to the gallery is a must for any art enthusiast visiting Santa Fe.

Upon entering the gallery, one is immediately struck by the sacred atmosphere of the space. This is a place where Novenson’s vibrant pastel landscapes meet the powerful archetypes of her Women of the Bible series, each piece contributing to the spiritual tapestry of the gallery.

As you explore the gallery, it becomes apparent that this space is more than just a showcase for Novenson’s art. It is a reflection of her spiritual journey, her connection to nature, and her exploration of her Jewish heritage. Each piece tells a story, inviting viewers to embark on their own journey of discovery and reflection.

The move to this historic building seemed to have been orchestrated by a higher power, happening just as Novenson completed her Sacred Women Guidance Card set. Novenson sees this as the invisible hand of the feminine divine guiding her to a larger and more spiritual space to continue her work.

In conclusion, a visit to Sara Novenson’s gallery in Santa Fe is an experience that transcends the traditional gallery visit. It’s a journey into the heart of an artist’s spiritual exploration, a chance to connect with the powerful archetypes of the Women of the Bible, and an opportunity to lose oneself in the ethereal beauty of Novenson’s pastel landscapes. Whether you’re a long-time admirer of Novenson’s work or a first-time visitor, this gallery promises an enriching and deeply moving experience.


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