Sara Novenson’s Pastel Landscapes: A Love Letter to Nature

Sara Novenson's Pastel Landscapes: A Love Letter to Nature

Sara Novenson’s pastel landscape paintings are more than just depictions of nature; they are expressions of her deep connection with the world around her. Born out of a belief that everything is infused with life – from the majestic mountains to the whispering trees – these pastel landscape paintings are a testament to Novenson’s reverence for nature.

Working primarily with pastels, Novenson brings her landscapes to life with vibrant colors and delicate details. Each piece reflects her emotion and gratitude as she paints, with some even bordered with Hebrew prayers and psalms. These words of devotion serve as a spiritual frame, encapsulating her profound connection to the natural world.

Novenson’s landscape paintings have found homes in galleries and museums worldwide, and have been featured in various publications and books. Her unique blend of artistic skill and spiritual insight has resonated with audiences, leaving a lasting impression on all who view her work.

Her “Landscapes of the Soul” series is a particularly captivating collection, capturing the ethereal beauty of New Mexico and Israel. These pieces serve as windows into Novenson’s soul, inviting viewers to share in her awe and appreciation for the natural world.

As Novenson continues her artistic journey, her connection to nature remains a powerful driving force. Her pastel landscape paintings stand as a testament to this enduring bond, offering viewers a glimpse into the soul of an artist deeply in tune with the world around her.


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