The Spiritual Journey of Sara Novenson’s Women of the Bible Series

The Spiritual Journey of Sara Novenson's Women of the Bible Series

For over two decades, renowned artist Sara Novenson has dedicated her artistic prowess to the exploration of the Women of the Bible. The inspiration for this series emerged from a deep spiritual journey intertwined with her Jewish heritage. Novenson sees painting as a form of prayer, an expression of gratitude for the beauty of nature and all aspects of life. This spiritual connection to the earth and its many forms serves as a constant wellspring of inspiration for her work.

Novenson’s process for creating the Women of the Bible series has been a journey in itself. She embarked on an intensive study of the stories of these women, guided by a knowledgeable female scholar well-versed in the Torah and the mysticism of the Jewish religion. This scholarly exploration has deeply influenced her work, enriching each piece with profound historical and spiritual context.

The Women of the Bible series has had a tremendous impact worldwide. Novenson’s work has graced the covers of numerous publications, featured in UNICEF campaigns, and exhibited in galleries from Zurich to New York City. Her masterful portrayal of these biblical women has resonated with audiences across the globe, transcending cultural boundaries and inspiring deep reflection.

Available in various formats including hand-painted limited editions of fine art, a high-quality book, and a unique oracle set, the Women of the Bible series continues to capture the imagination of art enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike. This series serves as a testament to the enduring relevance of these stories and their potential to inspire and enlighten audiences across the globe.


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