Grand Opening & Celebration

I have moved my gallery to a very beautiful historic adobe building in downtown Santa Fe at 221 East De Vargas Street!

The Grand Opening and Celebration are on

Friday, August 2, 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

My gallery is located directly behind the Oldest Church (built in 1610) and the Oldest House (who really knows how old it is??) just off of the Old Santa Fe Trail a few blocks away from our historic Plaza. The building is a sacred space, ancient and full of history. It is the perfect place to exhibit my body of work; Landscapes of the Soul and the Sacred Women of the Bible. It is three times larger than the previous gallery I had for over the past two decades! There are 4 parking spots designated exclusively for my gallery so those of you who would like to drive over to visit will have a convenient place to park. Everything about it is so welcoming…

This “sacred” space seemed to have miraculously appeared just as I finished the Sacred Women Guidance Card set. No sooner did I complete this culmination of 22 years of working with the Sacred Women, than did the invisible hand of the feminine divine swoop down and begin to orchestrate the move.
It’s as though the powerful feminine archetypes I work with wanted a change of location, a larger and more spiritual space in order for me to continue my work.

The light itself within my new gallery is beautiful enhancing the color and light I place within my work. In addition, my new gallery space is giving me the opportunity to facilitate lectures, workshops, and teachings on-site.

I look forward to seeing you at or on your next visit to Santa Fe!

I am so very grateful to all of you for your friendship and for supporting my artwork over the years! Sending you wishes full of blessings and gratitude!

I look forward to seeing you at my opening or on your next visit to Santa Fe!
Women of the Bible; Limited editions


“Joy, Faith and Laughter”


“Sing and dance the true
song of our soul”


“Shining our bright inner light”

Click here to see all 12 women >

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Landscapes of the Soul; Limited editions

blessing of the sun violet

Blessing of the Sun,

chama river green border

Dance of Spring,
Chama River Psalm

blessing of the sun orange

Blessing of the Sun,

All of the art on the website is unframed. If you are interested in a frame please email me and I will send you photos of the frames with their prices.

Please enjoy browsing through my latest work as well as long-time favorites on my new website.

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  1. Your artwork is beautiful, and too, you are as beautiful as ever!


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