A Moment of Awe

view at landAs I sat on the great expanse of land painting the famous flat-topped mountain “Pedernal” the weather was ominous, dreary and rainy. I was struggling physically and emotionally.

Just as I was thinking how cold and miserable (and insane) I felt sitting all alone in the wind and rain, the sun triumphantly broke through the grey thickness of the sky and gave birth to this precious baby rainbow right before my eyes! I jumped into action and breathlessly began to paint the real-time vision.  After the great outbreak of gratitude and love that is part of my creative process, I looked up and saw the double rainbow appearing above me.

I was surrounded by rainbows!

dance of beauty 768x561

 As if that was not apt reward enough for “braving the storm” at that very moment, from the hills above I heard the primordial sound of a flock of Sandhill Cranes migrating to their winter home on the Rio Grande. I was in ecstasy!

Beauty and blessings emerge in times and places we may least expect them. We just have to show up.


  1. I love this quote – beauty and blessings emerge in times and places we least expect. I’ve experienced same too. When I was taking photos on a beach and was amazed when a lovely water creature shot up just in time for me to take an epic picture.

  2. We love our “Blessing of the Sun” print the we purchased a couple weeks ago. We’re wondering where you captured this lovely landscape.

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