Autumn’s New Work

blessing of the sun

Autumn’s New Work

One of my favorite motifs is the Sandia Mountains during autumn at sunset. Sometimes, there is a moment when the mountains turn into a rainbow and the Chamisa flowers glow as if they carry the light of the sun within themselves.


I find both of these Psalms so appropriate for the image.

image of Blessing of the Sun Violet

“Blessing of the Sun,Violet”
“With you is the source of life, by your light may we see light.”  Psalms

image of The Blessing of the Sun, Orange
“Blessing of the Sun, Orange”

“How can I sing of Heaven and Earth when it is G-d who decreed them?”  Psalms

Each of these hand-painted limited editions is available in 3 different sizes and price points starting at $105.00, and $320. and %560.00 unframed.  Click on images for more info and to order. The size of the pieces on my site are the paper sizes, the images are smaller.


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